PECAT® Flange Adaptor BN Series

PECAT® Flange Adaptor

Provides a high strength transition fitting for connecting polyethylene gas pipe to flanged apparatus including pipes, valves and flanged equipment. Comprising a PECAT® mechanical joint, factory assembled with straight length of PE pipe terminating with a corresponding PN16 raised face flange.


Note: consult the factory for intermediate sizes or combinations not shown below, alternative flange types/classes can also be supplied.
All dimensions in mm, standard PE pup lengths 0.5m up to 250mm diameter, 1.0m above.

SizeL MinL1 MinL2 MaxD1 TypD2 TypD3 Min
63 x 50516450361659863
90 x 805164503820013090
90 x 1005184504022015890
125 x 10051642540220158125
180 x 15052041044285212180
250 x 20052037046340268250
250 x 25052037050405320250
315 x 250102285050405320315
315 x 300102485054460378315
355 x 350102680060520438355
400 x 400102878066580490400
450 x 450103078072640550450
500 x 500103270078715610500
630 x 600103270086840725630
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