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Posted: 21 October 2021

With a wide range of products suitable for water applications, PE Pipeline Specialists also has a plethora of technical advice on hand to ensure that customers receive the right products for their specifications.

This extensive range of water products includes pipes, fittings, meters, ferrules, tools, accessories and much more. Like all our stock, the water range features products supplied from some of the UK’s biggest, most reliable manufacturers. It is a priceless opportunity to benefit from PE Pipeline Specialists’ experience and knowledge while searching for the right water product. With that in mind, let’s explore what PE Pipeline Specialists has in stock.

Water pipes

Ideal for new infrastructures and for the replacement or rehabilitation of existing pipelines, PE Pipeline Specialists has been a provider of water supply options for many years, with expert technical knowledge and products at our disposal. Our water pipe range has proven to be of vital importance around the UK, with the following options included:

  • Blue MDPE Service Pipe – PE80/SC80
  • Blue HPPE Mains Pipe – SDR17 – PE100/SC100
  • Blue HPPE Mains Pipe – SDR11 – PE100/SC100
  • Black MDPE Service Pipe – PE100
  • Black HPPE Non-Potable Pipe – SDR17 – PE100
  • Black HPPE Non-Potable Pipe – SDR11 – PE100

We also stock pipes from the Puriton range, which are manufactured by leading UK pipeline solutions company Radius Systems. This collection encompasses water pipes that are cutting edge and ensure the safe distribution of drinking water. The Puriton system consists of a multi-layer composite structure pipe, combining the unique characteristics of polyethylene with the exceptional barrier properties of aluminium. Quick and easy to install, the range comes in the following options:

Water fittings and ferrules

Used in water pipework installations, fittings are used to connect pipes together so that water can be safely transported. PE Pipeline Specialists stocks several tools that are perfect for such applications, including:

  • Tees
  • Couplers
  • Stubs
  • Elbows
  • Bends
  • Adaptors
  • Sockets
  • Caps

A ferrule is a metal or plastic component used for fastening or joining components together. PE Pipeline Specialists stocks options for ferrules, including:

Water valves and sections

As part of our extensive product selection, PE Pipeline Specialists provides options for water valves and sections. With multiple products to choose from to suit your needs, PE Pipeline Specialists stocks:

  • Resilient Seat Gate Valves
  • AVK Series 21 Valve Accessories
  • Gun Metal Stop Valve (BS5154)
  • Insuduct
  • Fire Hydrant Through Bore
  • 80mm Hydrant Sandwich Valve
  • Ant Pollution Devices/Check Valves

and much more…

Water metering

PE Pipeline Specialists also provides meters that measure the consumption of water, helping customers to monitor their water usage much more closely, ultimately saving them money on their bills. As well as meters, the company stocks relevant accessories. The list of meters and accessories includes, but is not limited to:

Water tools and accessories

To round off the water products in the PE Pipeline Specialists range, there are options available to align up perfectly with the rest of our water products. These include:

With over 50 years of experience and knowledge at our disposal, PE Pipeline Specialists can ensure customers that they will be supplied with the best water options possible at a price they can afford. Combined with our friendly and reliable service, we are your ideal choice for all water products.

You can learn more about our products right now by continuing to browse our website, or connecting with us on LinkedIn.

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