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Posted: 1 May 2024

AVK Series 36 Gate Valve

Reliable and durable PE gate valves from AVK

PE Pipeline Specialists are now stocking AVK Series 36 PE Tailed Gate Valve from AVK, a leading manufacturer of high-quality valves and fittings for water and gas utilities. This water valve, currently available on a free-trial basis from PE Pipeline Specialists, is an excellent option for leak-free water distribution systems especially those using PE piping.

AVK series 36 stats

Key benefits of Series 36 PE Tailed gate valve

PE Pipe benefits

Easy installation

AVK has made installation simple with their boltless PE pipe end connections. A standard PE pipe is pressed onto the grooved valve end, locked with a steel ring, and sealed with a plastic shrink hose. This tensile-resistant, full-bore connection is stronger than the PE pipe itself and enables direct welding into PE piping systems.

PE Pipe benefits

Built for reliability

The AVK Series 36 PE Gate Valve is engineered with AVK’s multiple safety features to ensure reliable performance. The wedge is fully vulcanised with AVK’s own leading drinking water approved EPDM rubber compound, allowing it to regain its shape and provide a superior seal. The triple safety stem sealing system with NBR wiper ring, polyamide bearing, and EPDM O-rings helps to prevent leaks, while the high-strength stainless steel stem has rolled threads for added durability.

PE Pipe benefits

Superior corrosion protection

These valves are designed for long service life with thorough corrosion protection. The body has a fusion-bonded epoxy coating meeting the stringent WIS 4.52.01 Class 3 standard. The bonnet bolts are stainless steel and fully encircled by the EPDM bonnet gasket for double sealing protection.

PE Pipe benefits

Meets strict standards

The Series 36 PE Gate Valves are designed and tested to meet BS5163 Type B, EN 1074 Part 1 and 2 standards. They have also received approval from the UK Drinking Water Inspectorate for use with potable water systems. Whether you need resilient valves for a municipal drinking water network or industrial fluid handling, the AVK Series 36 PE Gate Valve provides an outstanding combination of safety, durability and ease of installation.

PE Pipe benefits

No potential leak paths

When compared to an equivalent flanged gate valve installation, the factory fitted and sealed PE-tailed pipes on the AVK Series 36 present no potential leak paths.
When installed using best-practice electrofusion welding, the AVK Series 36 creates a fully welded and durable pipeline that will stand the test of time. It delivers a significant reduction in non-revenue water, enhances water security, and reinforces network resilience.

PE Pipe benefits

Installs faster with less environmental disruption

During timed trials the AVK Series 36 PE-Tailed Gate Valve was faster to install than an equivalent flanged gate valve. Furthermore, the compact profile of the AVK Series 36 means it can be installed in a narrower trench causing less damage to the environment.
With pressure on the UK Water Industry to enhance and protect the environment, a gate valve that can be installed faster and with less environmental disruption and damage is the way forward.

PE Pipe benefits

71% less landfill waste

The removal of waste to landfill costs you money. It is also in direct opposition to the water industry’s drive towards a more sustainable future.
The installation of a flanged gate valve results in seven – SEVEN – plastic bags going to landfill. The protective pipe caps on the AVK Series 36 PE-Tailed Gate Valve can be recycled. The only sacrificial packaging are the two plastic bags protecting the electrofusion couplers. That’s a 71% reduction in landfill waste!
OFWAT is asking water companies to protect and enhance the environment. A gate valve solution that reduces waste to landfill by over 70% delivers a positive and sustainable contribution to achieving this objective.

PE Pipe benefits

AVK Smart Water helps protect the environment

Remote valve monitoring eliminates the need for costly and time-consuming physical checks. As a result, your operations team can focus on more important tasks. Furthermore, fuel consumption, vehicle wear-and-tear and emissions are reduced.

Alarms automatically triggered by remote monitoring alert the operations team to potential pipe failures, thereby avoiding the potential damage leakage can inflict on the surrounding environment.

PE Pipe benefits

Less leakage more water security

Customers don’t like water leaks. Full stop. Leaks disrupt service and cost money to repair; and it’s the customer that eventually pays. When compared to equivalent flanged gate valves, the factory fitted and sealed PE-tailed pipes on the AVK Series 36 present no potential leak paths.
The AVK Series 36 significantly reduces the risk of leaks and the loss of non-revenue water. It enhances water security and helps build resilient networks. The AVK Series 36 is a sealed unit with no potential leak paths. This delivers network integrity and provides greater operational scope for increasing water pressures if required to protect customers’ service levels.

PE Pipe benefits

Less societal disruption

Customers want a robust water network, but they don’t like the disruption that building one can cause.
The AVK Series 36 with PE-Tailed Pipes can help keep customers happy. Timed trials have shown that a team of two operatives can install 50% more AVK Series 36 valves in a day compared to equivalent flanged gate valves.
That’s a potential 50% improvement in productivity in one day. Imagine what you could achieve in a week, or a year!

PE Pipe benefits

AVK Smart Water helps deliver better customer service

By monitoring gate valves in real-time you can avert potential loss of service, react faster to critical incidents, and reduce non revenue water. In short, you can provide a better service to your customers by minimising disruption to their water supply.

PE Pipe benefits

A future-proofed investment

When compared to an equivalent flanged gate valve installation, the factory fitted and sealed PE-tailed pipes on the AVK Series 36 presents no potential leak paths.
No nuts, no bolts, no washers, no flanges, no gaskets, and no taping; the AVK Series 36 will reduce non-revenue water, enhance water security and reinforce network resilience. The AVK Series 36 creates a fully welded and future-proof pipeline for today and generations to come.

PE Pipe benefits

63% reduction in SKUs

An AVK Series 36 PE-Tailed Gate Valve installation does not require nuts, bolts, washers, gaskets, flange adapters, PE Stub flanges or any kind of flange whatsoever. All you need for installation is the product and two electrofusion couplers. Compared to an equivalent flanged gate valve installation this amounts to a 63% reduction in stock keeping units leading to simpler procurement, leaner stockholdings, quicker stock picking and more efficient stock-to-site logistics.
These savings contribute to a more efficient, leaner and cost-effective operation.

PE Pipe benefits

50% improvement in productivity

Let’s do some basic maths to identify how many valve installations can be completed by a team of engineers in a day. The AVK Series 36 PE-Tailed Gate Valve takes only 57 minutes to install. It takes 95 minutes to install an equivalent flanged gate valve.
An installation team of two engineers has 450 minutes (7.5 hours) of productive time in a working day. It is given that there is an average 15 minute interval between each installation to move to the next location and set up. A team could install 6 AVK Series 36 PE-Tailed Gate Valves in a working day compared to 4 equivalent flanged gate valves. That’s a potential productivity gain of 50%.
Imagine how this improvement would impact on your productivity over a week, a year, or AMP8.

PE Pipe benefits

AVK Smart Water helps generate long-term savings

Optimise gate valve performance and extend asset life. Cut costs associated with leakage by reacting faster to critical incidents through real-time monitoring. Share data to help streamline and improve future pipeline operations.

This product is currently available for trials, so please contact our friendly team if you have any questions. You can also follow PE Pipeline Specialists on LinkedIn for the latest news and updates.

Specify these valves with confidence on your next PE piping project.

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