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Posted: 1 September 2021


product spotlight

The breadth of PE Pipeline Specialists’ product range allows the company to supply industry leading solutions for the transportation and distribution of gas, water and wastewater.

With products available for gas applications, PE Pipeline Specialists is a leading supplier of gas valves from AVK and Radius Systems.

AVK is a world leading manufacturer for valves and fittings for industries including water, gas and wastewater, with over 400 employees in the UK alone, and over 4,400 worldwide.

Radius Systems has been developing and manufacturing innovative plastic pipeline solutions for the gas industry since 1969. These solutions are now commonly used in the water, wastewater, energy & power, district heating and telecoms sectors.

A number of products stocked by PE Pipeline Specialists come available with polyurethane (PUR) coating, a layer applied to the surface that protects valves from several defects including corrosion, weathering, abrasion and other deteriorations.

Our gas valves and sections are used across several UK industries and come from some of the top manufacturers in the game. This blog discusses the features of six of the products PE Pipeline Specialists has in stock; if you want a list of all the gas valves and sections we stock, click here.

Aeon Type B

Fitting your specific pipeline network, the state-of-the-art Aeon range of Type B valves are innovative solutions for all your gas pipeline requirements. The range is made from high grade components, optimising the valves for strength and an increased lifetime.

This valve is designed and specified to the latest standards, including:

  • GIS/V7-1 Class A/B
  • EN 13774 Class ½
  • CE (PED 97/23/EC)
  • AGA
  • DVGW

Emergency Control Valve (ECV)

This brass meter emergency control valve is designed to function as a fire safe meter control valve. To ensure quality, it has been tested to 650°C for a time period of 30 minutes, and is suitable for use on 1st, 2nd and 3rd family gases.

This valve is designed and specified to the latest standards, including:

  • GIS/V7-3:2007
  • EN 1775:2007
emergency control valve (ECV)

Fig 158 Drilling Valve

The Fig 158 drilling valve is a clear bore construction valve that helps to make under pressure connections to low, medium and intermediate pressure gas distribution systems. Previously available in a cast iron body, the new valve features PUR coating for an additional layer of protection, and has extra-long studs to accommodate PE stub flanges.

This valve is designed and specified to the latest standards, including:

  • GIS/V7 Part 1
  • EN 1092-2 (ISO 7005-2)
fig 158 drilling valve

Series 555

The Series 555 Softseal Valve is a double-faced, resilient seat, internal screw, full bore wedge gate valve designed primarily for the isolation of natural gas or town gas. The unique clip-on indicator allows complete flexibility for the same valve to be used either above or below ground. It also comes in two options: cast iron (blue) or PUR coated (yellow).

This valve is designed and specified to the latest standards, including:

  • GIS/V7 Part 1
  • EN 558
  • EN 1092-2 (ISO 7005-2)
  • EN 12266-1
Series 555 Gate Valve

Figure 60 Donkin Ball Valve (460)

The Series 460 ball valve is very versatile in application and is suitable for use with a wide range of gases and fluids, including natural and manufactured gases, air, oil, water and LP steam. Maintenance free and made from cast steel, it has a temperature range of -20 to +60°c.

This valve is designed and specified to the latest standards, including:

  • T/SP/V/6 Part 2
  • EN 558 Table 3 Basic Series 3
  • EN 12266-1
FIG 60 (460) Donkin Ball Valve

Certus valve

PE Pipeline Specialists stocks a large range of internationally approved PE ball valves from AVK, ranging from 32mm to 90mm. Made from high performance PE100 material, these valves can be welded to all PE100 and PE80 pipes, which causes the valve to form part of the leak-free pipe system. Other features include a yellow top cap for easy identification of the gas valve, internal and external drive for easy mounting of all standardised spindles, and installation instructions available with each valve.

This valve is designed and specified to the latest standards, including:

  • GIS/V7 Part 2
  • EN 1555-4
  • ISO 4437-4
Certus Valves

With over 50 years of experience and knowledge at our disposal, PE Pipeline Specialists can ensure customers that they will be supplied with the best package possible at a price they can afford. Combined with our friendly and reliable service, we are your ideal choice for gas valves and sections, as well as other products in the gas and water industries.

You can learn more about our products right now by browsing our website, or connecting with us on LinkedIn.

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