Introducing the EasiSlim flange to product range

Posted: 3 July 2024

Radius Easislim

PE Pipeline Specialists is excited to now offer the innovative EasiSlim high performance size-for-size PE flange adaptor from Radius Systems. The EasiSlim flange provides an optimised solution for connecting PE pipe directly to flanged components like valves and fittings without the need for upsizing.

The size-for-size advantage

Traditional PE flanges require upsizing other components to accommodate the larger backing ring diameter. However, the EasiSlim’s slimmer steel-reinforced backing ring allows a size-for-size connection while maintaining full bore capacity. This eliminates bore restrictions that can reduce flow and cause blockages.

For example, a 355mm EasiSlim flange can connect to a DN300 PN16 valve, whereas a traditional 355mm PE flange would require upsizing to a larger DN350 valve. The size-for-size capability provides significant cost savings by avoiding the need to upsize valves and fittings.

Radius Easislim benefits
Radius Easislim datasheet
EasiSlim flange to product range

The EasiSlim Flange for potable and non-potable pipelines from Radius Systems is a steel reinforced PE flange adaptor, which allows for size-for-size jointing of PE pipe to other flanged components.

Exceptional strength and performance

The advanced flange interface design with steel backing and reinforcement rings provides superior strength and support at the flange face for maximum joint integrity over the long term. Extensive testing including massive tensile loads over 100 tonnes demonstrated the EasiSlim’s outstanding performance exceeding the strength of the pipe itself.

Smooth bore design

The smooth bore design of the EasiSlim flange is allows for pipeline pigging operations to run smoothly through the flange without any obstructions or reductions in diameter. This helps maintain peak flow efficiency and enables easier cleaning and maintenance of the pipeline.


Another major benefit is the lightweight and easy-to-handle nature of the EasiSlim compared to traditional heavier flanges. The optimised, slimmer design makes the flanges more manageable during installation, reducing strain on workers and speeding up the installation process.

Quality standards

Finally, meeting all relevant standards like BS 8561:2021 is critically important for ensuring the EasiSlim meets stringent requirements for safety, durability, and performance. Compliance with these standards provides assurance that the flanges will withstand operating conditions and have a long service life as part of PE piping systems.

Whether for potable water, wastewater or industrial piping applications, the EasiSlim flange offers an innovative size-for-size solution for optimising PE pipeline connections.

Contact PE Pipeline Specialists today to learn more about specifying the EasiSlim on your next project. To keep up with the latest news, you can follow us on LinkedIn.

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The EasiSlim Flange for potable and non-potable pipelines from Radius Systems is a steel reinforced PE flange adaptor, which allows for size-for-size jointing of PE pipe to other flanged components.

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